The Camporee Program is divided into four-time belts across days and activities with each of these slots are planned to achieve specific Educational Objectives.

  1. 07.00 a.m. – 09.00 a.m
  2. 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m
  3. 05.00 p.m. – 07.00 p.m
  4. 07.00 p.m. – 09.00 p.m

The participants are required to join live during the morning 07.00 – 08.30 a.m. belt and evening 07.00 – 08.30 p.m. belt. The Skill-O-Rama activities and other special events will be conducted in a way that the Scouts does not have to be in front of a screen for the entirety of the day.

Please refer the below Camporee Program Outline for more details.

Awarding of President’s Award Badges

We are delighted to announce that we do not intend on keeping you waiting to wear your well-earned President’s Award. Hence, we have planned to award the badges to President’s Scouts virtually at the Opening Ceremony. If you have completed the President’s Award and is awaiting for it to be awarded, please share a bust shot of you in Scout Uniform with space for the President’s Award kept vacant on the uniform. Please share your name, troop and the picture with Rover Scout Sachin Dhananjaya via WhatsApp: 071 574 6081 on or before th29th December 2021.

Sub Camp Operations

Morning Rally

Morning Rallies will be held on each day starting from 8th and 9th January from 8.00 a.m. – 8.15 a.m. in the morning via YouTube Live. We expect all Camporee Participants to join these rallies headed the Sub Camp Coordinator and his team, where important announcements including winning troops of previous day’s competitions, etc. will be made.

Troop Inspections

The Sub Camp Chiefs will arrange a Zoom Call with each troop for a 15-minute period, once during the Camporee. We encourage the Troops to ensure that all your Scouts join this in full scout uniform since it happens only once in the entire Camporee for your troop. The schedule for these meetings will be announced by the respective Sub Camp Chiefs.

Competitions and Pennants

There will be multiple troop level competitions during the Camporee and therefore the top performing troops in such competitions will be rewarded accordingly as per the Camporee tradition.

Scouts Masters/ Madams and Troop Leaders Meetings

The SMs and TLs meetings will be held on 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th January from 8.40 p.m. till 9.00 p.m. on Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Program Outline

Virtual Camp Fire

The Virtual Campfire organized by the Sub Camp Coordinating Team of the 56th Colombo Camporee will be held on Friday, 7th January 2022 from 7.00 p.m. onwards LIVE on Colombo Scouts YouTube Channel.
If your Scout Troop (as a group) or Individual Scouts in your troop wish to perform an item (drama, song, yell, skit etc.), you are welcome to register for the same by contacting the Sub Camp Team via phone on or before 26th December 2021.
Feel free to contact ADC Deshan Milinda (074 094 9343), DSM Ireshad Razak (077 921 1880) or DSM Aashick Shaffy (077 283 9777) for further details.


The Skill-O-Rama activities will be held via a mobile app this time around and you will be able to experience a total of 30 activities under 5 pathways in Skill-O-Rama. The CAMPO Activity Portal which will be launched at the Opening Ceremony will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Skill-O-Rama activities. Await some exciting activities!

Campsite Building

Just like any other Camporee, the participating Troops has to build their own campsites at this Virtual Camporee as well, but the difference is that this time around you will be building your campsite virtually. Stay tuned in for more info on this competition where the Best Three Campsite of each Sub Camp will be announced!

Tent Building at Home

Yes, you will be camping at home during the Camporee this year, but you can do so under your own custom-made tent, shelter or camping space. More details will follow.

Cub Day

The traditional Cub Day of the Colombo Camporee will be held on Sunday, 8th January 2022 during the course of the day. The cubs have activities to take part during the Cub Day. However apart from these activities, the cubs are welcomed to witness any of the other live events of the Camporee such the Camp Fire, Scouts Own, etc.
Each participating Cub will be awarded the Camporee Badge and a Certificate of Participation which you can collect after the Camporee. The registration fee of Rs. 200/- can be paid online.

Singithi Scout Activity

All Singithi Scouts will also get an opportunity to take part in activities during the Camporee . The details of the activity will be shared with the registered Singithi Scouts. Each Singithi Scout can register for the Singithi Scout Activity via This Form and the registration fee of Rs. 200/- can be paid online . Also apart from this activity, the Singithi Scouts are welcomed to witness any of the other live events of the Camporee such the Camp Fire, Talent Show, etc.

Youth Day

Youth Day, traditionally organized by the 75th Colombo District Rover Crew, will be held on 9th January 2022. The Senior and Rover Scouts can expect a novel experience at the Youth Day which will include exciting and youthful activities. Await for registration details.

Exchange Program

Scouting is world’s largest youth movement and we as it’s members therefore has a great opportunity to interact with our brother and sisters in Scouting from all parts of the world. We intend to bring this opportunity to your home during this year’s Camporee. We have arranged 6 Cultural Exchange program with being with overseas Scouts and 2 with Scouts from other Scout District in Sri Lanka.

Back to School for All

As much grateful as we are due to the overwhelming support provided by all the donors and well-wishers for the previous edition of edition of Secret Santa Fund at the 55th Colombo Camporee 2020, we intend to create another fund this time as well under the project "Back to School for All", and collect funds from any scout, adult leader or well-wisher who wish to donate with a motive to provide educational aid as well as donate stationery to children in association with The Colombo Friend-in-Need Society (CFINS).

Please bank your donations to the Colombo District Branch Bank Account given below on or before 5th January 2022, with reference as "Back to School for All".

Account Name: Sri Lanka Scout Association
Account Number: 1020052001
Bank: Commercial Bank
Branch: City Branch